Security and compliance

Regulatory compliance and upholding your privacy obligations to clients is critical, but complex to manage manually. With Debtrak to manage your debt collection activities, it's easier than ever.


checkData encryption at rest and in transit
Protecting data confidentiality and integrity from unauthorised access.
checkEncrypted login to application and multiple databases
checkMulti-factor authentication
Adding an extra layer of security for all users.
checkClosed groups with access to allocated clients and entities only
checkAccess level permissions on reports, clients, action flows, workflows, queues/tasks, and other operators
Leverage Debtrak's powerful customisation capabilities to manage personalised access levels for different clients, regions, roles or responsibilities.
checkISO 27001:2022 certified
Debtrak debt collection software meets the highest international benchmarks for information security across all countries, clients and currencies


checkEnsure compliance with ever-changing laws and standards that govern debt recovery before taking action

Debtrak is a key component in Operational Excellence. The system automates and simplifies many of our processes allowing our people to focus on what they do best, connect with customers. It also allows us to create our own value adds and tailor the system to our various client’s requirements. Since the system was implemented our business has gone from strength to strength.

Alisa Butler

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