The debt collection automation solution

Automate the tedious, repetitive, and error-prone tasks in your debt collection process, so your teams can focus on what they do best.

Over 1,500 features and functionality for faster, smarter, and easier debt collection

Automate debt collection tasks, from invoicing to settlement
Easily set up rules for automatic invoicing, SMS and email communications, trust transfers, direct debits, payments, reporting, team alerts, and more
360° visibility over accounts, in real time
Deliver accurate and timely customer engagement to maximise debt recovery with instant access to the most up-to-date account information in one place
Dynamic dashboards, customised to your needs
Choose what information you want to see on your dashboard at a glance, and create different dashboards for different users.
Personalise communications with intelligent outreach
Set up personalised messages to be sent automatically at the right time and place, as well as automatic notifications for your teams when issues arise.
See more, do more, and collect more with seamless integrations
Seamlessly integrate with the systems you already use, or want to use in the future, for credit reporting, banking, payments, outbound calls, and more.
Ensure data security and compliance
Assign role-based permissions on reporting, workflows, actions, clients, and more, while ensuring data security rules are automatically followed across relevant jurisdictions.
Advanced analytics and reporting for faster and smarter decisions
Automatically generate reports on information you need, with real-time data synced between your systems.
Complex payment and commission allocations made simple
Easily manage debt collection payment allocations and relevant commissions end to end, including customising the allocations at client, entity, and account levels

Why government, banks and agencies trust Debtrak Debt Collection Software

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Why Debtrak is a game-changer for your industry

Government departments

Focus on improving services for the community with a powerful automated debt collection platform taking care of all the labourious tasks in the background to increase fiscal wellbeing. Debtrak is designed to be a lasting solution for all levels of government looking to grow revenue, drive long-term cost savings, and improve staff productivity.

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