Debtrak works seamlessly with all your other tools. You will enjoy seamless integration with a wide range of third-parties, including major payment gateways, banks, scoring providers, diallers, court EDIs, and enforcement systems.


Enable the sending and receiving of emails through Microsoft Exchange or directly with the client's MS Outlook application
Create SMS messages with dynamic fields stored in the database and systematically triggered via customisable workflows
checkData "plug-ins"
Achieve comprehensive real-time reporting with Debtrak’s real-time data imports through user-definable "plug-ins"
checkThird-party systems
Debtrak leverages various data exchange methods, including FTP, email, web services, APIs, and XML, to seamlessly share data with other systems

Why Debtrak is a game-changer for your industry

Government departments

Focus on improving services for the community with a powerful automated debt collection platform taking care of all the labourious tasks in the background to increase fiscal wellbeing. Debtrak is designed to be a lasting solution for all levels of government looking to grow revenue, drive long-term cost savings, and improve staff productivity.

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Debtrak is a key component in Operational Excellence. The system automates and simplifies many of our processes allowing our people to focus on what they do best, connect with customers. It also allows us to create our own value adds and tailor the system to our various client’s requirements. Since the system was implemented our business has gone from strength to strength.

Alisa Butler

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