Customer & Client Engagement

Harness Debtrak’s powerful customisation to your unique debt recovery requirements, ensuring it aligns with your business goals and offers exceptional support to your team.

Customisation and personalisation

checkDesign a library of automated workflows
Boost productivity with customisable workflows that automate tasks and decisions, reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency.
checkDrag and drop workflow editor
Design and enhance your customer and employee experience with Debtrak’s easy to use workflow editor.
checkInnovate customer journeys
A/B test customer journeys by directing defined profiles or accounts through customised debt collection pathways.
checkPersonalised customer communications
Engage clients with personalised notes, emails, and letters.

Employee experience

checkSingle customer view
Provide your debt recovery agents with an aggregated view of all accounts, segmented by customer or a myriad of other available fields.
checkCustomisable user buttons
Defined by role, customer and/or account, guide agents through a streamlined, dynamic and intuitive process to deliver improved customer experiences.
checkSmart income and expenditure management
Use Debtrak’s powerful data modelling to determine clients' disposable income and propose suitable arrangements, making it easier to resolve debts.
checkAgent scripting
Set up phone call scripts to automatically extract data and fill in relevant information, like name of individual, client, and outstanding balance driving accuracy and consistency.
checkTask management
Distribute workloads equitably or drive areas of focus through Debtrak’s tri-level task management configuration.
checkMulti-currency and multi-lingual
Manage teams and accounts across countries, timezones and dialects with Debtrak already operating in 7 non-English EU markets


checkFor customers
Provide customers with access to view account information, create notes for account managers, record arrangement proposals, and make a payment via credit card.
checkFor clients
Allow clients to keep up with the real-time information on customers, including payments, arrangements, tasks, upcoming court events, and more.

Debtrak is a key component in Operational Excellence. The system automates and simplifies many of our processes allowing our people to focus on what they do best, connect with customers. It also allows us to create our own value adds and tailor the system to our various client’s requirements. Since the system was implemented our business has gone from strength to strength.

Alisa Butler

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