Analytics and reporting

Debtrak's easy-to-understand dashboards will help you make informed business decisions. Your finance, receivables, and accounting teams will thank you for Debtrak's robust suite of accounting features, allowing them to easily track balances, issue accurate invoices, manage incoming payments, and more all in one place.


checkAutomatic data mapping
Unlock swift insights into any account or individual by harnessing the power of automatic data mapping. Data integration simplified making complex information easy to digest.
Build prompts to import, capture, and merge information on assets, accidents, injuries, penalties, offences, and employment.


checkCustomisable dashboards
Empower your people across all levels of your organisation with dashboards designed for their role and responsibilities. Present data in a digestible format, from providing real-time KPI insights for your leaders, to displaying key customer information such as payment and arrangement history when speaking with a customer.
checkSwift data imports
Designed with user-definable "plug ins" to enable organisations to quickly import data into Debtrak within minutes – no coding or development required.
checkScheduled and ad-hoc reports
Automate reports on spindown performance, clients, accounts, invoices, income, transactions, payments, trust accounts, task lists and more.
checkPictorial graphs
Create user-friendly, informative reports with pictorial graphs.
checkSystem monitoring
With comprehensive, real-time reporting, support staff have full visibility to monitor an array of jobs, processes and ongoing system availability directly from the applications system monitor.
Auditability of key tables ensures full traceability of actions including user, session and time stamps.

Debtrak is a key component in Operational Excellence. The system automates and simplifies many of our processes allowing our people to focus on what they do best, connect with customers. It also allows us to create our own value adds and tailor the system to our various client’s requirements. Since the system was implemented our business has gone from strength to strength.

Alisa Butler

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