Your finance, receivables, and accounting teams will thank you for choosing Debtrak's robust suite of accounting features, allowing them to easily track balances, issue accurate invoices, manage incoming payments, and more providing a seamless debt collection experience.


checkPayment allocations
Easily manage comprehensive payment allocations, including automatically calculating principal, interest, adjustments, and costs streamlining your debt recovery process.
Design your payment allocations at client, entity, and account levels with our fully customisable debt collection solution
checkPayment management
Effortlessly manage the order of payments, such as merchant fees first, then letter cost, followed by principal, then interest, and so forth
checkPause / resume
Pause and resume payments depending on the customer's financial position
checkAutomatic recording
Automatically record all transaction types at a nominated frequency
checkMultiple payment methods
Accept payments via major gateways, including Bambora, Eway, Cybersource, and Braintree


checkCommission calculation
Calculate commissions based on set rules (e.g. flat rate, multiple rates, variable fees, time-based rates)
checkUpfront commission
Change commissions upfront, as a cost to the customer, or with tax
checkMulti currencies
Support payments and commissions in multiple currencies
checkMaximum limit
Automatically stop charging commissions when the maximum amount is reached

Trust accounting

checkPayment separation
Organise customer payments to be made to one or more trust accounts
Reconcile trust accounts easily
checkTransfer automation
Automate trust transfers to clients and host agencies
checkTrust balance
Contra trust balances on a client or entity basis for commissions and costs
checkMultiple payment types
Distinguish between customer payments made directly to the client or transferred into a trust

Cost accounting

checkMargin calculation
Effortlessly calculate your costs and profit margins with a three-tier master cost accounting system
checkCost management
Easily manage your deferred costs, subsidised costs, and other costs unrelated to accounts, like client subscription costs

Debtrak is a key component in Operational Excellence. The system automates and simplifies many of our processes allowing our people to focus on what they do best, connect with customers. It also allows us to create our own value adds and tailor the system to our various client’s requirements. Since the system was implemented our business has gone from strength to strength.

Alisa Butler

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